Friday, December 25, 2009

Another retirement requirement

New York City is a wonderful place for a Jew to live. There are so many synagogues, Jewish day schools, Jewish book and Judaica stores, kosher restaurants, and kosher food stores here.

But New York City can also be a terrible place for a Jew to live, especially without a car, if one's neighborhood has almost none of the above even within delivery range, much less within walking distance.

Sure, I can go shopping after work and clean out West Side Judaica (hmm, I thought there was more info on their website--maybe it's malfunctioning), Kosher Marketplace, and/or the Upper West Side Supersol. But I still have to haul the stuff home by subway. I'm 60 years old. How much longer am I going to be able to shop by backpack?

It's the same when the hubster and I go shopping in the nearest kosher shopping area out in beyond-the-subway land. We end up making the return trip via bus and subway with heaven knows how many pounds of groceries on my back, and with my 67-year-old husband looking like an old-fashioned water carrier because of all the shopping bags hanging from each arm.

We need to live in a neighborhood that's close enough to kosher stores that we can have our groceries delivered. Any other grocery-transport method simply won't be viable in 20 years.

See also my Retirement reality.


Anonymous Woodrow/Conservadox said...

Don't they have, um, taxicabs? I lived in cities far more auto-oriented than NYC without cars, and took cabs when I had a lot of groceries to lug around. Not as cheap as walking but still a lot cheaper than owning a car.

Mon Dec 28, 02:49:00 PM 2009  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

We take a taxi to haul home the Pesach groceries, but we may, indeed, have to start taking taxis home from kosher grocery shopping more often.

Mon Dec 28, 03:52:00 PM 2009  
Anonymous Woodrow/Conservadox said...

May you be inscribed in the book of speedy and competent taxicabs! (smile)

Wed Dec 30, 10:29:00 PM 2009  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...


Thu Dec 31, 10:58:00 AM 2009  

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